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    Lesbian Fire Chief causing more problems

    Fire Chief Bonnie Bleskachek

    A male firefighter is the latest person to sue Minneapolis Fire Chief Bonnie Bleskachek, claiming he was discriminated against because he was a heterosexual man in a department led by a lesbian.

    Elondo Wright filed his lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court. He alleges that Bleskachek and her partner, a captain on the fire department, gave him bad reviews, harassed him and denied him advancement opportunities.

    Bleskachek, the city's first female fire chief, has been on administrative leave since March pending an investigation. She did not immediately return a phone message left by The Associated Press on Sunday, but she has denied the allegations against her.

    Minneapolis City Council member Gary Schiff said Friday he hopes to resolve the issues by the end of the year.

    "It's been rough for the fire department administration. It's been rough on the rank-and-file firefighters and their families," Schiff said.

    Wright's lawsuit is the fourth one filed this year against Bleskachek and the fire department. Two of the other three lawsuits have been settled.

    Wright had previously filed a complaint with the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights, which found probable cause in his claim. Unable to reach a settlement, Wright withdrew his charge with the city and chose to sue.

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    She sounds like a real lick-a-lot-a-puss. I'd send her a first class ticket straight to hell.



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