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    Angry UCLA library tazing

    A male iranian subject in the UCLA library without ID, was tazed several times, and the video was recorded by a student's cell phone camera.

    Unfortunately, I can't find anything non-biased. Big Surprise!

    Well, I can't find shit, the video is horrible quality, and what I can make of it seems justified, but now i've got my mother-in-law, whom I normally get along with quite well, telling me that the officers are all asses, and should all be fired, and that "I've seen the video, they tazed him for no freaking reason just to get their jollys, They should all be fired and tazers should be outlawed!"

    I'm sick and tired of arguing with her.
    Somebody give me a better than biased-media report on this.


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    I watched this video a couple days ago. I thought about posting it up on here but decided not to since Officer's these days already get too much negative attention.

    Unfortunately, I havn't come across any news articles on it. I'd love to hear the outcome...
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    Ugh, why did I what that......

    I should have known better. I think the next time I deal with some clown and a bystander starts beaking off "the leave him alone" crap, I'm going to arrest them for obstruction.

    Somehow I will articulate that their yelling and screaming at me created an unsafe distraction.

    Just from hearing the moments before the first tasing, I have no issue with what happened. One thing I may have done differently, is had another couple officers show up and just carried his ass out once cuffed. (If he was struggling in the cuffs and still refusing to cooperate, he'd ride the light a few more times)

    they did a great job with the verbal commands.



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