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    Cop Shoots Man Again...2 Years Later

    Robbins cop, man in 2nd gunfight Blue Island man dies 2 years after first shooting

    November 19, 2006
    BY STEFANO ESPOSITO Staff Reporter
    A Robbins police officer involved in a shooting Saturday that left a 33-year-old Blue Island man dead also was involved in a 2004 shooting of the same man, Robbins Police Chief Johnny Holmes said.
    But Holmes said the officer -- along with others -- was cleared of any misconduct in the 2004 incident. The Blue Island man, Phillip Lloyd, was awaiting trial in that shooting, Holmes said.

    The details of Saturday's shooting remained sketchy, but Holmes said the part-time police officer was on patrol at 135th and Claire around 4 a.m. when he called for assistance, and then to report a man down. Police had earlier received disturbance calls from that area, Holmes said.

    Lloyd later died, and the officer suffered a graze wound to the head, said Holmes, adding that the Illinois State Police is investigating.

    A source told the Sun-Times that Lloyd was a regular defendant at the Markham courthouse. "He's been in and out several times," the source said.

    Lloyd was a father of four, said relatives, who claimed he was shot in the back of his head.

    Contributing: Daily Southtown

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    Don't you love how a frequent flier, awaiting trial, turns into a "father of four" who was done wrong by?
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    guess that makes you want to hmmmm shoot right the first time??? and yea.....as ducky said.......poor criminal....must have been a wonderful father and an asset to his community........
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