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    Talking For Norm & TXCharlie!

    Thought you would appreciate this one....I was not lucky enought to be working the radio on this one....our guys rock!

    Man shot in tussle over air conditioner

    SPRING VALLEY A dispute apparently sparked over an air conditioner ended with the owner of the cooling unit shooting one of the three men accused of trying to steal it, officials said.

    The shooting occurred just after noon yesterday at a house on Hollyhock Drive off Campo Road, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department. The 52-year-old homeowner reported being confronted by three Hispanic men and going back inside the house to get his rifle, according to the Sheriff's Department. The men apparently wrestled over the weapon and the homeowner fired one shot into the lower chest of one of the men he believed was trying to rob him, officials said.

    The three men fled in a newer model Jeep Cherokee they had parked in front of his house, and he chased after them, recording their license plate number, officials said.

    Deputies caught the three men a few miles away and transported the 21-year-old wounded man to a hospital, where officials say he is expected to recover. All three were arrested on suspicion of burglary and attempted robbery, officials said, while the homeowner will not face criminal charges.
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    Score one for the citizen!

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    Yessiree!!! After them guys wash the brown stains out of their underware, they may decide that getting a job is much safer

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    Quote Originally Posted by TXCharlie View Post
    Yessiree!!! After them guys wash the brown stains out of their underware, they may decide that getting a job is much safer
    They can't it's to hard for illegals.
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    between you
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