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Thread: Barack Obama

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    Barack Obama

    Well, it looks like the dimocrats are dragging another donkey out of the barn to run in 2008 if Bilary decides not to.
    Hmm, President Barack Obama.. It just doesn't have a presidential ring to it.
    If elected I wonder how Obama would treat Osama?

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    This may sound like I'm saying voters are shallow, but because of his name ALONE he couldn't get elected. Even if his campaign convinces people he's the best thing since peanut butter, they don't want someone with an odd sounding name in the Oval Office. It's going to need to be someone with a classically "All American" name - and no body say that america is the great melting pot with names from all over because you know exactly what I mean. With the exceptions of Lyndon, Grover, Ulysses, Millard, Rutherford, and a couple others they've all been very ordinary names that have been around forever, like John, James, George, etc.

    Kind of like the Beatles, really. John, Paul, George and (odd man out and my personal favorite) Ringo. I just hope our next president has no aspirations of being an entertainer.
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