Three hospital staff were threatened in a Birmingham hospital ward by a man who was thought to be armed with a gun.
The 28-year-old man was a patient on the gastroenterology ward at Birmingham City Hospital.

He forced two nurses and a junior doctor into a storage room and demanded drugs. The staff escaped and the man was trapped in the room.

Police later used a Taser stun gun to arrest a man. No staff were injured in the incident on Wednesday evening.

Ward evacuated

A police spokeswoman said: "This incident occurred at the hospital just before 5pm.

"A man, allegedly armed with a gun, threatened members of staff.

It was very traumatic for patients and staff - we're very grateful that nobody was hurt

Hospital spokeswoman

"Firearm officers were deployed and a man was arrested at about 5.20pm. A Taser was used during the arrest."

The hospital praised the actions of its staff.

Pauline Werhun, director of nursing at the hospital, said: "Fortunately the staff did get away and called security, who did the right thing in detaining the gentleman in an office.

"During that time other staff on the ward evacuated the ward to make sure it was completely safe."

She said a review of security was under way, to make sure in future that no harm came to staff or patients.

"But I think NHS staff do feel vulnerable," she added.