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    Thumbs up Burglars get the shock of their lives, an eldery couple who fights back and wins

    A woman in the town of Alexandria (New York) grabbed a shotgun and confronted two burglars as her husband struggled with one of the perpetrators.

    State Police say the incident happened about 10:30 p.m. on Monday, December 4th.

    Troopers said the elderly couple, Raymond and Joyce Papin, were at home at their farm along County Route 3 near Plessis when they heard noises outside and then a knock on their back door.

    When the couple got out of bed, Mr. Papin, who is 82, was met in the kitchen by two men who had already entered through an unlocked back door, troopers said.

    Both men were wearing ski masks and camouflage clothing. Despite their suspicious attire, however, they said they had had a vehicle breakdown and needed to use the phone. However, as they continued their entry into the kitchen, they told the couple they wanted their money, troopers said.

    That's when Mr. Papin hit the smaller of the two intruders in the face with a sugar bowl and began to struggle with him.

    Meanwhile, Mrs. Papin, age 74, retrieved a shotgun from the bedroom area and confronted the two intruders, demanding that they leave, which they did.

    As the Papins tried to dial 911 they discovered the phone box on the outside of the house had been damaged by the perpetrators and wasn't working. Mr. Papin had to travel down the road to his sonís house to place the call.

    The Papinís praised the speedy response of the state troopers and said the investigators remained on scene for several hours collecting information.

    State Police are asking for the public's help in identifying the suspects. The first is described as: ē About 6 feet tall ē 250-300 lbs; "borderline obese" ē Big round nose that was acne-pocked.

    The second suspect was described as about 5'6" with a stocky build.

    It's believed they were driving a pickup with a cap and stake rack or possibly an SUV. The victims described the vehicle as having tail lights that appear round when operating.

    The vehicle ran rough and may have slightly loud of after market exhaust, and is possible an older model. Anyone having information about the perpetrators or the crime is asked to call the State Police at 315-782-3691 or 782-2112.

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    Nicely done, Mr and Mrs Papin. I hope the bastards get caught soon.



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