There have been several fatal fires in the news recently, but this one was close to home. My son is close friends with the brother of the woman that died.

This time of year is a prime time for fires, with trees and all. Just thought maybe it was a good time to remind everyone to careful...and be safe.

I'm not good at posting I hope this works. The article is below.

LINCOLN, Neb., Dec. 15, 2006


(AP) A pregnant woman ready to give birth any day died Thursday in an apartment fire, and the 23-year-old woman's 2-year-old daughter was critically injured.

Neighbors said they heard the young girl, Aaliyah, crying inside the smoke-filled apartment on the ground floor and tried to help her, but she was not rescued until after firefighters arrived at the south Lincoln apartment building around 6 a.m. CST.

The girl remained in critical condition at Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center at midday Thursday.

Chief Fire Inspector Bill Moody said her mother, Linda K. Dawson, likely died from inhaling the toxic fumes.

Neighbor April Roberts said her boyfriend, Cedric Holmes, woke up first after smelling smoke, and then woke her.

They heard a smoke detector sounding next door, so they checked to see if their neighbor was home.

"We opened her door and it just rushed out of there," Roberts said of the smoke. "And you could hear the little baby crying.

"It was terrible."

Roberts called 911 while Holmes tried to reach the crying girl, but the smoke was too thick. He came back out, took his shirt off, held it to his mouth and went in again.

"He said he felt like he was near her, but he couldn't get to her. It was so thick in there," Roberts said. "You couldn't see."

As Roberts told dispatchers about the fire, she gathered up her twin 2-year-olds, Breanna and Keanna, and got them out of the apartment.

Firefighters arrived soon after that and found the pregnant woman passed out on the floor next to a bed, Moody said.

Paramedics tried to revive Dawson outside the apartment building but failed. Her daughter was rushed to the hospital.

"It's very sad," Moody said.

In this case, Moody said it is already clear what caused the fire. He said the extension cord running a bedside lamp ignited under the bed, starting the mattress and sheets on fire. The cord malfunctioned, he said.

The fire department advises people to use wall sockets whenever possible, and when an extension cord is used, people should make sure the cord can handle the energy needs of whatever is plugged into it. Extension cords are rated by the gauge, or thickness, of the wires inside.

Moody estimated the fire caused about $14,000 damage to the apartment and its contents. Major smoke damage occurred throughout the bedroom and there was also smoke damage throughout the apartment.

The apartment complex did not have a sprinkler system.