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    Talking Woman Complains To Deputy About Inferior Quality Crack


    POSTED: 12:11 pm CST December 19, 2006

    HAWTHORNE, Fla. -- Who are you going to call when you buy bad crack?

    Authorities said Eloise Reaves recently complained to a sheriff's deputy after getting a beat rock. Reaves was arrested after she approached a Putnam County, N.C., deputy at a convenience store.

    Reaves said that instead of crack, the rock she bought was a mixture of wax and cocaine. A local newspaper reported that the woman even put the bad crack on the deputy's patrol car for inspection.

    Reaves is now charged with possession of cocaine and is free on $1,500 bond.

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    I have a horrible taste in my mouth now.

    Just because she's so damn stupid, and I'm forced to breathe the same air she gets to breathe.
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    Officer!! Officer!! Dis crack be bad!

    Maa'm how do you know that?

    'Cause I be a crack connosseur. I knows my crack and this aint good crack...

    So you are saying that this is crack, but that its bad?

    Yeah..thats what I be sayin' This is some messed up junk..this crack sucks!!

    Thank you maa'm, now turn around for me and put your hands behind your back..

    Its the dumb ones that make us smile...
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    Quote Originally Posted by armygrnt502 View Post
    Its the dumb ones that make us smile...

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