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    Gynecologist to be counselled after making inappropriate sexual comments to patients

    A MELBOURNE doctor and former Cleo Bachelor of the Year nominee who made sexual comments to his patient during a pap smear is to be counselled on how to talk to women.

    Richard Young may continue to practice medicine but was formally reprimanded and cautioned today by the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria.

    The board found Dr Young acted unprofessionally by digitally penetrating the woman in a way that was not medically required during the test.

    Also, while examining her, Dr Young told his patient: “holy mackerel, you are small”.

    He then said: “you're really small, which is great for – “ at which point she cut him off by saying “not too good for having a baby”.

    The board found the three allegations against Dr Young proven, but cleared him of two other claims relating to the same incident at his suburban Ripponlea practice in November 2004.

    The board said Dr Young's behaviour was seriously unprofessional but not bad enough to be considered professional misconduct.

    In July 2001, Dr Young was suspended for 15 months for affairs with two vulnerable patients which stemmed from inappropriate comments made during examinations, counsel assisting the board John Goetz said.

    He urged the board to cancel Dr Young's licence for two years to protect patients and uphold the trust placed in doctors.

    “The behaviour of Dr Young towards this woman must by its very nature inevitably undermine public confidence in the medical profession,” Mr Goetz said.

    Dr Young's lawyer John Noonan, SC, told the board there was no evidence his client derived sexual pleasure from the incident.

    “It is a medical competency case, it's not a sexual misconduct case,” Mr Noonan said.

    The board heard evidence that Dr Young used colloquial language with his patients to help them relax.

    Board member Simon Horne said the panel, which also included Deidre Fitzgerald and Ian Russell, was troubled by the fact that this was the second time Dr Young had appeared.

    He ordered Dr Young to have six counselling sessions over the next nine months, aimed at understanding the appropriate language to use during intimate examinations.

    Dr Young must also have further education in performing pap smears.

    The board cleared Dr Young of two allegations which claimed he told the patient to “relax honey” and informed her he would have to manually dilate her for the routine test.

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    If that gyno had spoken to my wife like that, he would need a procotologist to remove my foot from his ass.
    Giggity giggity Goo!

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    Well, it IS better than saying, "Holy Mackeral! Are you large!" and then hearing an echo!
    For the morning will come. Brightly will it shine on the brave and true, kindly upon all who suffer for the cause, glorious upon the tombs of heroes. Thus will shine the dawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keith758 View Post
    Well, it IS better than saying, "Holy Mackeral! Are you large!" and then hearing an echo!

    And following up with....

    "I bet it's like fucking a mayonaise sandwhich!!!"



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