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    Talking Man Holds Pig Races To Protest Mosque


    POSTED: 5:41 pm CST December 30, 2006

    HOUSTON -- It's a different approach to protesting.

    A man in Katy, Texas, isn't happy about an Islamic association's plans to build a mosque next to his property, so he's holding weekly pig races in protest.

    The dispute started when the association requested that Craig Barker remove cattle from land it had recently bought. It plans to build a mosque as well as a school, community center and athletic facilities.

    Barker obliged but thought the association also wanted him off the land his family has lived on for more than a century. The association said that's not the case.

    Barker said he's not trying to offend anyone with the pigs. He said he's just defending his rights and his property.

    Pigs are forbidden from the Muslim diet, but officials of the Islamic group are indifferent to Barker's protest. The group's president said Muslims don't hate pigs -- they just don't eat them.

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    I recall this story from a couple months ago. Essentially it was a misunderstanding which lead to him deciding to hold a protest. Once things were worked out he said he'd still have to have the pig races or he'd look like a fool.

    I think that happened when he decided to race pigs and went to the media before he got his facts straight in the first place.

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    So which cop won the race?



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