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    Angry 3 y/o Rescued While Playing on Freeway

    3-year-old found playing along interstate highway, police say mom napping at home

    12:22 p.m. December 31, 2006
    INDIANAPOLIS – Drivers swerved cars and trucks into other lanes to avoid a 3-year-old boy, wearing only a diaper and T-shirt, who was playing along a busy highway after wandering away from home while his mother slept, police said.
    Some motorists stopped along Interstate 465 on the city's west side Saturday to take care of the boy until officers arrived, the Indiana State Police said.

    “I looked up and I seen this little ... boy running down the middle of the slow lane in the interstate. I just could not believe what I was seeing,” said Troy Crady, one of those who stopped to help.
    The boy, Damon Dyer, was unscathed as at least a half-dozen cars and a tractor-trailer rig swerved into other lanes to avoid him. Temperatures were in the mid 50s as the boy ran around barefooted.

    Police said they traced the toddler to an apartment at a nearby complex, where they found his mother, Nancy Dyer asleep in a filthy apartment and his 2-year-old sister eating spaghetti off the floor.

    Dyer, 33, was arrested on two counts of child neglect and remained in custody Sunday, officials said.

    Senior State Trooper Cedric Merritt said that when Dyer was told of her son's activities, she responded: “Oh, he got out again.”

    Investigators said the boy got out his second-story apartment, went down stairs and got around a fence to reach the highway about 200 yards away.

    Child Protective Services took the boy and his sister into custody, and investigators said the agency also had been called to the apartment Thursday because the boy was outside unsupervised.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PDawg View Post
    Senior State Trooper Cedric Merritt said that when Dyer was told of her son's activities, she responded: “Oh, he got out again.”
    This story is infuriating enough, but this part really pisses me off. Like her child is an animal that won't stop digging holes under a fence.

    I think this lady should be locked up with a 400lb raving lunatic with a baseball bat and a machete. Then he's through with her, we can just go up to her and say "Oh, he got out again."

    This lady is nothing but filth. No punishment I can imagine would be too cruel for her- in fact, they are all quite tame.
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    I used to work at a rapid transit system. One day I was on the platform, and I heard the track intrusion alarm go off. When I looked over, I saw a boy climbing out of the tracks. He saw me walking towards him, and he reproachfully sat beside his mother on the benches, who was absorbed with her newspaper. When I asked her if she was aware of what her son had just done, she replied, "No." I informed her that he had just climbed into an electrified railway, and could have either been fried or run over by a train.

    To this, she replied in a bored tone, "Oh. It won't happened again." She went straight back to reading her newspaper. I was so pissed off I could have kicked the stupid b*tch in the head.

    It's funny, where I live people are technically supposed to have a license to own a dog. People should apply to have a license to have children. If they are deemed unfit, they should be sterilzed so they can never have children. Oh yeah, and I should be one of those who decides that they should never have children.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PDawg View Post
    Child Protective Services took the boy and his sister into custody, and investigators said the agency also had been called to the apartment Thursday because the boy was outside unsupervised.
    Hello??? Is anybody home?!?! Why weren't these kids removed from their mother's "care" on Thursday?

    Idiot woman was probably drugged up or sleeping it off. Why do people even have kids if they have no interest in raising them? And 2525, I agree with you on the sterilization of those who prove themselved unfit as parents.
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    That makes me sick. Thank God that child wasn't killed and that someone stopped to take care of him. And the other child sitting in filth, eating off of the floor?? Those children should never be returned to that woman, and she needs to be hit repeatedly with a nail studded baseball bat. I don't understand why these people breed and have no interest in taking care of their children.

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    Yeah, "he got out again" you dumb bitch... Can't you install a $2 latch on your door, or don't you even know how to use a screwdriver?

    This mother almost ranks up there with the mother who worked at a strip bar, and made her 2-year-old daughter stay in the parking lot, locked in the car while she danced...

    That little girl got out and was wandering the streets too, at night in a section of town that I sure wouldn't want to be walking in, day or night.

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    Agree with rhino 100%...although instead of a 400 pound lunatic...how about a mother who has had her child abducted, raped and murdered? Let this walking excuse for a "mother" deal with someone who has lost their child thru no fault of their own....



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