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    Angry Woman Injured By New Year's Celebratory Gunfire

    Fort Worth Reports Hundreds Of Gunfire Calls

    POSTED: 9:19 am CST January 2, 2007
    UPDATED: 9:44 am CST January 2, 2007

    FORT WORTH, Texas -- A dangerous New Year's Eve tradition sent at least one person to the hospital over the holiday weekend.

    In West Dallas, Victoria Caballos was shot in the hand on New Year's Eve by random celebratory gunfire.

    "The funny thing is we were in a secluded, area and I didn't think I could have gotten shot," said Caballos.

    Video on web site

    Caballos was standing outside watching fireworks and has no idea where the bullet came from. She said she considers herself blessed.

    "It could have hit one of the children I was with ... it could have hit my daughter. It could have hit my head. I'm grateful just my hand," said Caballos.

    Caballos' daughter Veronica heard her mom scream when she was shot and now has only one wish for the new year.

    "I hope she doesn't get shot again anywhere," said Veronica.

    In Gods Tabernacle Of Deliverance church in Pleasant Grove, church members said one bullet ripped through the tin roof and landed inches from a baby sleeping in a crib.

    "The bullet came through the roof and landed in the crib by the baby," said Rodeny Hornage, a church member. Hornage said the baby's mother was at the altar at the time and her other child told her about the bullet.

    Church members said they are lucky that the midnight barrage of gunfire on the tin roof didn't injure or kill anyone.

    "You could just hear the bullets hitting the roof, 'ping, ping, ping,'" said Hornage.

    In Fort Worth, police said they received more than 200 calls for random gunfire on New Year's Eve.

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    I'm all for gunfire, whatever the reason. But it doesn't belong inside city limits. And it doesn't belong up in the air. Fire into the ground, it makes the same amount of noise.
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    Why can't people get the whole Newton's Law thing???
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