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    Did the President make the right decision?

    Did President Bush make the right decision in declaring war with Saddam Hussein?
    IMO yes, and he probably should have done it sooner. The Butcher of Baghdad and his 2 sons Uday and Qusay ruled Iraq with an iron fist and there were few homes in Iraq who didn't have a loved one missing because of this saddist trio.
    Saddam proved that he had chemical WMD as he used them against his own people. He proved that he had visions of power and grandeur when he invaded Kuwaite.
    If Bush had put his decision off as French, German, Russian and other wimp leaders wanted him to, Saddam and his gang of hoodlams would still be thumbing their nose at UN resolutions, occupying royal palaces, grabbing women off the streets to rape, torturing children in front of their parents and filling thousands of unmarked graves.
    Also, if Saddam and sons, plus his so called elite republic guard had not been eliminated, we would have had to eventually face him down the road, when he would have become a much stronger adversary and the casualties would be far more than they are today.

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    I agree. I am always in favor of cleaning the world of such evil. I was in favor of the war even if Saddam did not have WMDs. However, I think we stayed too long. There are many wolrd causes that we could be using our resources on such as the violence in Africa. The people of IRAQ are eventually going to have to stand on their own.

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    I spent a year there, and I met plenty of people that appreciated what we had done. Of course, there are also plenty there that hate us. But should anyone care about the opinion of someone who sides with a guy like Saddam Hussein?

    They have a chance now to determine their own destiny, which is something all people should have.

    My only complaint is the way the war has been run. Too much waste and political correctness on the part of our military. We should have decided from the beginning that we where there to win at all costs, and made it happen.
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    We did win against Saddam. The problem is now we're in the middle of a religious civil war. Can anybody say Theocracy?

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    Saddam Hussein - The one of biggest mistakes we made was not dropping a granade down the hole he was hiding in. Quick and clean. Then a bunch of lawyers (Ramsey Clark for one) wouldn't had made a media circus out of it.
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    I think Bush et al have got themselves in to a whole mess over Iraq.

    Did they do the right thing, I think so but I also think that it would have been easier if Bush snr, John Major and the other leaders at the time had finished the job after the first gulf war and supported the uprising that followed, banned Iraqi helicopter flights etc.

    Saddam had WMD the Americans, British and Europeans know he had them at one point we sold them to him to use against Iran. The reason we can't find them now is he either used them or sold them on.

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    >>Can anybody say Theocracy?<<

    Nope!! A democracy!!

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    Yes - I would rather fight the insurgents over there instead of over here - The insurgents are in large part terrorists coming from Syria and Iran, and intent on establishing a foothold on Iraq as part of a larger plan to take over Saudi Arabia and Israel - So we're in fact fighting terrorists.

    And remember that Saddam tried to assassinate the older President Bush in the USA - Those were the first in a series of planned covert attacks on our government, I believe.

    I have no idea why the US Air Force doesn't kill everyone crossing those borders and put a stop to a lot of that BS - Seems like the right thing to do.

    I also think Saddam was intent on becoming another Hitler and ruling the mid-East, as well as controlling the oil - we prevented that with the first Gulf War, and we eliminated a comeback by him and his sons with this war.

    There is no doubt that he was financing terrorism in Israel, and he definitely had terrorist training camps and WMD's before the first Gulf War. He would have eventually re-built them.

    His sons were worse than he ever was, so thank God we killed them early on - That was always why the USA never assinated Saddam, in my estimation - It wasn't Ford's stupid Executive Order, it was that they were afraid that Saddam's sons would take control.
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