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    Thumbs up MA State Trooper Protected

    Finally, someone protects one who protects all:

    A Massachusetts state highway worker drove his truck into the path of a tractor-trailer to save a state trooper.

    Police said the tractor-trailer first crashed into Sullivan's truck, flipping it over three times, before hitting the cruiser.

    Police said the driver, Kevin Sullivan, managed to escape the crash with two black eyes and a few bruises.

    The trooper suffered minor injuries.

    "My job was to protect him," Sullivan said. "I kept him alive, but it wasn't an A-1 job."

    Sullivan's truck had an illuminated sign to direct traffic around the cruiser while a crew worked on potholes.

    Police charged the driver of the tractor-trailer with operating to endanger, impeded operation and speeding in a construction zone.

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    I gotta say Thank the Gods for a highway worker that gives a damn about his Troopers. He may not think he did that good a job, but the Trooper is alive and in one piece, so he did just fine IMHO.
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    Video to go with the story:

    Everyone lived, its an A-1 job.

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    That guy has ka-honas (sp?)



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