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    Another stupid criminal..

    Just when you think you have read and seen it all LOL!


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    Updated:2007-01-12 11:30:37
    Grandson Allegedly Robs 'Pa-Paw' Next Door
    HARTSELLE, Ala. (Jan. 11) - A Harstselle man who allegedly stole $300 from his grandfather's wallet has been charged with armed robbery, authorities said.

    Daniel Ray Brown, 22, remained in Morgan County Jail on $10,000 bond in connection to the robbery of Walter Ray Brown, 72, about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

    Detective Kyle Wilson said Daniel Brown donned a ski mask and jacket, armed himself with a handle from a hydraulic floor jack and made the 10-foot hike to his grandfather's home next door.

    "There's a woman that lives there with his grandpa," Wilson said. "He said, 'Sit down, Bernice.' Then he goes to his grandpa's room and he says, 'This is a robbery, I need your money, and I mean it, Pa-Paw."'

    Wilson said Walter Brown was lying in bed, so his grandson grabbed his pants off a chair and took his wallet.

    "He got out to the kitchen, which is in the next room, and his Pa-Paw tackled him. There was a scuffle, and he hit his Pa-Paw in the head with the handle," Wilson said.

    While Walter Brown picked up the phone to call 911, Daniel Brown went back to his own home, leaving a trail - the pants, billfold, $5 and the handle - between the two houses, officials said.

    Daniel Brown denied he was the man behind the mask. The cash reported stolen had not been recovered Wednesday.

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    The obvious question is how many 5ths of whiskey does it take to do something like that?

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    It's just too bad Pa-Paw didn't hit him in the head with the jack handle.



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