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    Police: Man Posed As Teen Son To Lure Girls Into Home


    Anonymous Tip Leads To 16 Charges Against Man

    POSTED: 11:35 am CST January 16, 2007
    UPDATED: 11:46 am CST January 16, 2007

    ARLINGTON, Texas -- Arlington police have arrested a man in connection with 16 sexual offenses against four teenage girls after a single, anonymous tip.

    Police said John Randolph Burk, 50, used his teenage son's e-mail address to lure the girls into sexual activity.

    In November, an anonymous person called the Safe City Commission Crime Stoppers and said that Burk was involved in suspicious activity with young girls, police said.

    Arlington police interviewed one of the teens, a 14-year-old girl, who said that Burk had paid her to pose for nude photographs.

    Investigators conducted a search of Burk's home on the 3800 block of Kippers Court on Nov. 13 and found several pornographic photos of young girls on his computer. Police said Burk used several e-mail addresses and sent the girls photos of his son to complete the ruse that he too was a teen.

    Investigators said Burk lured one of the girls to his home by offering her work as a housekeeper. After a few visits, police said Burk convinced the girl to pose nude and to touch another girl for money instead of cleaning.

    The suspect's son has cooperated with investigators and is not considered a suspect at this time, police said.

    "This suspect preyed on the vulnerabilities of these girls and took advantage of their socio-economic status," said Det. Mike Weber of the Arlington Police Department. "He was paying the girls each time they posed, giving them money they were unaccustomed to having."

    Investigators are concerned that additional victims have not yet come forward.

    "We definitely know that there are additional victims who sent photos of themselves to this suspect, but we need to investigate the extent of his contact with those girls," said Weber. "We are concerned about any young females he may have had inappropriate in-person contact with as well."

    Arlington police have charged Burk with one count of indecency with a child, four counts of sexual assault of a child, seven counts of sexual performance by a child and four counts of possession of child pornography.

    Burk was arrested on Dec. 8 at his home in connection with 14 of the charges. Burk transferred to Tarrant County, where he later posted $105,000 bond. Two additional warrants, each for a count of possession of child pornography were issued on Jan. 2. Burk turned himself in to Tarrant County Jail on Jan. 3 and posted $20,000 bond the next day.

    "We never would have found this suspect if it were not for that person taking action on something suspicious," said Weber. "This suspect wasn’t someone who was on our radar. We did not have a single police report related to any of this. Now, we’re working with the District Attorney to prosecute the suspect and are coordinating with the Alliance for Children to help the victims."

    A social worker with the Arlington Police Department, Ann Ashmead, encourages parents to talk with their children about appropriate and inappropriate behavior on the Internet.

    "You have to continue talking about safety on the Internet. Remember the 'bad guys' are counting on you not to warn your children. The 'bad guys' expect parents to avoid this subject. One of the best ways to protect your children is to talk to them," said Ashmead.

    Ashmead added that parents should regularly inspect their children's e-mail and Internet accounts to see who they are having contact with.

    Arlington detectives believe Burk began contacting girls using his son's e-mail addresses and chat room names in 2002. The suspect used the following e-mail addresses and/or screen names: sweetguy_76106@MSN.com, Stevenburk1@MSN.com, Steve16b@MSN.com, Rachybabes@MSN.com, Jburk1 and Johnburk1. Burk may have also used hotmail accounts as well, Weber said.

    Arlington police ask that anyone who may have sent pictures of any type to the above addresses or to this suspect to call the Arlington Police tipline at 817-795-1803.

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    what a shitbag

    We dallied under
    Vine maples and sapling alders
    Searched for lady slippers
    But instead
    Found blackberry riots and
    Desiccated branches

    An old skid road
    Brought ghost ferns and
    Hollows filled with
    Skunk cabbage
    While waves wrapped
    Intricate lacings of weeds
    'Round mule spinners

    His cyanotic eyes
    Were hard enough to make
    The sun turn tail and
    Tender enough to attract me
    To his world of illusion

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    "Was the son somehow involved?"

    The question prospective future employers will wonder when they google the son's name and find this. Bonus scumbag points there.



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