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    Man charged in Phoenix serial case


    By JACQUES BILLEAUD, Associated Press Writer

    51 minutes ago

    The top prosecutor in the Phoenix area told residents Tuesday that the rash of serial attacks that put the region on edge for months was finally over.

    Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced a 74-count indictment against Mark Goudeau, a former construction worker police suspect was the area's serial "Baseline Killer."

    The charges, which include nine counts of first-degree murder, 15 counts of sexual assault and 11 counts of kidnapping, stem from crimes committed between August 2005 and June 2006 throughout the Phoenix area.

    "The reign of terror has ended," Thomas said. "The quest for justice has just begun."

    Defense lawyer Corwin Townsend said Goudeau will plead not guilty to the new charges. He has already pleaded not guilty to two sexual assaults that authorities also attributed to the Baseline Killer.

    "We haven't changed our position at all," he said. "The fact that they (added) more charges does not change our belief that they have the wrong guy."

    Townsend said he will add to Goudeau's defense team to handle the new charges, some of which could lead to the death penalty if Goudeau is convicted.

    Police announced last month that the man they believed to be the Baseline Killer was in custody and recommended that Goudeau be charged with murder and other crimes.

    Goudeau, an ex-convict, has been in jail since September, when he was arrested in the two sexual assaults. At the time, police stopped short of pronouncing Goudeau the Baseline Killer while they built a case against him.

    But last month, police said that investigators had collected forensic evidence — including DNA and ballistics — and other evidence implicating Goudeau in the killings.

    "We feel very confident about these charges, very good about where we are with the evidence," Thomas said Tuesday.

    Goudeau's defense team has hired its own forensics expert to analyze evidence that led to the sexual assault charges. According to their expert's independent review, Townsend said it doesn't appear that Goudeau can be definitively linked to the suspected sexual assaults of two women in September 2005.

    "I feel fairly confident there will not be any type of DNA match," Townsend said.

    Goudeau is still scheduled to face the sexual assault charges in a trial to start Monday. But Townsend said the trial likely will be postponed until March.

    The Baseline Killer case originally included eight killings. A ninth was publicly revealed in December. Most of the victims, all but one of them women, were killed going about their daily activities, such as leaving work, washing a car or waiting at a bus stop.

    Police have said the killer usually struck at night and wore disguises, including a wig of dreadlocks and a fisherman's hat. The name Baseline Killer came from the Phoenix street where some of the earliest crimes were committed.

    About half of the Baseline Killer attacks occurred within three miles of the Phoenix home Goudeau shared with his wife. One woman was killed just around the corner.

    Goudeau had previously served 13 1/2 years in prison for three aggravated assaults, armed robbery and kidnapping before being paroled in 2004. He once blamed his history of violence on a weakness for crack cocaine.

    The Baseline Killer was one of two serial killer cases that spread fear across the Phoenix area in recent months.

    In August, police arrested two roommates in what was dubbed the Serial Shooter case. The two men are accused of driving around the city and its suburbs at night, firing at people randomly from a car. Seven people were killed.

    The defendants, who have pleaded not guilty, are awaiting trial.

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    Arizona Department of Corrections photo of Mark Goudeau, who has been named as the Phoenix 'Baseline Killer' of 9 people.

    PHOENIX — A man accused of being the Phoenix Baseline Killer was sentenced to 438 years in prison Friday for the sexual assaults of two sisters.
    Mark Goudeau still faces trial for the slayings of eight women and a man in 2005-2006, and faces a possible death sentence if he is convicted of those charges. He has pleaded not guilty.
    The 43-year-old former construction worker was sentenced for his September conviction on charges of raping one woman and sexually attacking another as they walked home from a park.
    During the two-month trial, both sisters identified Goudeau as their attacker. DNA evidence also linked him to the rape.
    Goudeau has maintained his innocence, and told Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Andrew Klein that what happened to the two young women was horrible, "but I had nothing to do with it."
    Klein said before handing down the sentence that Goudeau must have two "diametrically opposed" personalities, one calm and respectful in court and the other sociopathic and brutal.
    Prosecutors had said earlier that Goudeau faced a maximum of 285 years in prison. But Deputy County Attorney Suzanne Cohen proved a prior violent record in court Friday that made him eligible for the higher sentences.

    Goudeau is suspected of being a serial predator known as the "Baseline Killer," named for the south Phoenix street where many of the early attacks took place.
    He is the first of three suspected serial killers to go on trial for a rash of random attacks that terrorized the Phoenix area for more than a year. All three were arrested last year.
    Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman were arrested in the so-called "Serial Shooter" case in August 2006 and are expected to go on trial next year. Hausner faces seven murder counts and Dieteman is charged with two. Their trial is expect to begin next year.

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    I can't think of a better jail for him to be in but Maricopa. Enjoy your PB&J sandwich while you can dirtbag.

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    Sorry for digging up an old post but this one caught my eye. From a news link on another thread. What I don't get is why do they say 438 years in prison, why not say life without parole. Damned lawyers.

    BTW Have fun in prison, dirtbag, and say hello to Sheriff Joe Arpaio for me.

    Choose The Right. When you're doing whats right, then you have nothing to worry about.

    Not a LEO

    In memory of Sgt. Howard K. Stevenson 1965 - 2005. Ceres Police Dept.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CTR man View Post
    and say hello to Sheriff Joe Arpaio for me.
    I'll do that for you :P... I think he was up there in 4th ave jail... I wish I worked over there...they seem to take all the fun...Yeah and good by mr. douche

    <Shake and Bake>



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