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    Shawn Hornbeck & Family on Oprah tomorrow.

    On tomorrow's Oprah, she is having Shawn Hornbeck and his family on. (the missing Missouri boy for 4 years that was just found) I am surprised that they will be on so soon and talking about it. Last I heard, he wasn't even talking about it or sharing details with his own family. Will be interesting to see how much Oprah asks about it, and how much he will share.

    Will you be watching?

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    Maybe if it wasn't on Oprah
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    I saw someone from the PD on t.v. today....I was so moved by his statement!

    I can't quote directly, but basically...."No one knows what he's been thru, so no one can't project what they would, should or could have done!"

    I'm sure they are doing this because of the nationwide questioning of all the 'tards out there that can't acknowledge what his experience has done to him psychologically.
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