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    Thumbs up Convicted San Antonio cop killer executed


    06:41 PM CST on Wednesday, January 17, 2007

    Associated Press

    HUNTSVILLE, Texas – A self-described fascist who adopted the dark punk and goth lifestyle was executed Wednesday for the slaying of a San Antonio police officer 12 years ago.

    Johnathan Moore

    Johnathan Moore repeatedly apologized to the officer's widow. "It was done out of fear, stupidity and immaturity. [oh, P-L-E-A-S-E!!!! How many ways can you say "Bullshit"!!!] It wasn't until I got locked up and saw the newspaper; I saw his face and smile and I realized I had killed a good man." Moore told Jennifer Morgan, who stood next to the death chamber window surrounded by comforting friends.

    He wished her happiness. He then counseled a friend who was a witness to quit using heroin and methadone. He told his father that he loved him.

    He was pronounced dead at 6:21 p.m., eight minutes after the lethal dose of drugs began.

    Moore, 32, was the second condemned Texas prisoner executed this year and the second of five scheduled to die this month in the nation's busiest capital punishment state.

    Moore was convicted of gunning down Fabian Dominguez, 29, who interrupted Moore and two companions during the burglary of a house in the officer's neighborhood in January 1995. Dominguez was returning home from his overnight shift when he spotted a suspicious car in the driveway of the house and stopped to investigate.

    When he confronted Moore, seated in the passenger side of the car, Moore opened fire with a .25-caliber handgun. Moore also retrieved the officer's service revolver and shot him three more times in the head. [Like I said - total Bullshit!!!! ]

    He was arrested the day following the shooting after leading police on a chase into neighboring Bandera County and wrecking his car by hitting a couple of police cars.

    The U.S. Supreme Court refused to review Moore's case late last year. An appeal to stop the punishment by challenging the state's lethal injection execution procedure was rejected Tuesday by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Supreme Court then rejected a similar appeal about two hours before Moore's scheduled execution time.

    The San Antonio Police Officers Association chartered a bus and expected to have several dozen officers outside the Huntsville Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to honor their fallen colleague while prison officials inside carried out the punishment.

    Dominguez's widow, Jennifer Morgan, planned to be among the witnesses. "I don't want to change the outcome," she said. "He did a horrible thing and as far as I know hasn't shown a lot of remorse about it."

    Moore is the first person convicted of killing a San Antonio police officer to go to the death chamber since the state resumed carrying out capital punishment in 1982.

    The two others with Moore the night of the shooting were arrested a short time after his arrest. Peter Dowdle, now 29, is serving a 25-year prison term. Paul Cameron, also 29, is serving life.
    On an Internet site, Moore said he "hung out with the Industrial, Punk and Goth scene" and described himself as "a full-blown fascist."

    But he added: "I have disappointed and let down everybody that has ever loved me."
    Moore told the San Antonio Express-News last week the shooting was the result of "fear and stupidity" and credited Dominguez for being "the man."

    "He was taking charge and he was running right into a situation that required a lot of strength and courage," Moore said. "I think about that a lot."

    Moore's capital murder trial was hardly routine.

    Following his conviction and before punishment testimony was to begin at his trial, he fired his lawyers so he could represent himself, then rehired them the following day. Before the trial, he had tried to escape from custody during a visit to a health clinic, grabbing a stun gun and a can of pepper spray hidden for him in a restroom and unsuccessfully trying to overpower a deputy guarding him. Authorities found a handcuff key inside a shoe in his cell.

    During the punishment phase, his mother, from the witness stand, shouted profanities at lawyers for both sides and was arrested after deputies said she bit a court bailiff.

    Dominguez had been an officer about 2 1/2 years at the time of his death. He had infant twin daughters, who now are 12.

    More than a dozen other Texas inmates already have execution dates for 2007, including two more next week.

    On Jan. 24, Larry Swearingen, 35, is set to die for the December 1998 abduction and strangling of a 19-year-old Montgomery County woman, Melissa Trotter. The next day, Ronald Chambers, 51, is scheduled for injection for abducting and fatally shooting Mike McMahan, 22, a Texas Tech student from Washington state, during an April 1975 carjacking in Dallas.
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    Great news - great post!
    Calm Like A Bomb...

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    great job texas!!!
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    Good reasons to live in a death penalty state.

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    Good On Texas...

    As to the first paragraph of the article... He wasn't living a "dark punk/goth lifestyle" Most of them that I know (as I prefer that type of club) are decent, law abiding citizens. Most goths are non violent. Punks are known to rough up a few people on occasion, but neither would be likely to kill a cop. A facist might. So, call the guy what he is A Fuckin' Dirtbag that is currently A.R.T. (assuming room temp).

    As I said... Good On Texas. Kill a cop and die.
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    That is great, ANOTHER DUSCHBAG hit the dirt !! We need more and ALL of cop killers to do the same !! It is a shame that it lasted ONLY a few minutes, it should have taken MUCH LONGER !!

    It should be mandatory death sentence if you shoot and kill a cop and minimum years graduated when injuring an officer in the line of duty, depending on his injuries.

    I am SO TIRED of attorneys and courts these recent years. First they make the laws and look so righteous and then they represent the bad guys and use the loopholes against the victims and police to get them free, it has to stop. The tide HAS TO CHANGE!!

    God, help this country to reverse the tide and put these bad guys where they should be and remove the restraints on all Police Depts.
    Take care and Be Safe out there ALL !!

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    May he rest in hell.
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