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    Mexican flag unfurled from Lewisville radio tower was vandalism


    10:32 AM CST on Thursday, January 11, 2007
    From Staff Reports

    LEWISVILLE – The owner of a conservative radio station said Wednesday it was working to remove a large Mexican flag flying from its radio tower.

    The city of Lewisville said it began receiving complaints about the foreign flag this week. The city notified Dallas Broadcasting, owner of KVCE-AM (1160), that a flag hanging from a structure other than a flag pole violated code.

    It was unclear who was responsible for placing the flag on top of the tower. It was also unclear whether the act was a prank or a protest of comments the station aired about the illegal immigration ordinance in Farmers Branch.

    Sen. Dan Patrick, who hosts a talk show on KVCE, said this incident demonstrated the intensity of the illegal immigration debate.

    "It's indicative of the problem we have in the country today, of this growing opposition to what we stand for, by a minority of people," said Mr. Patrick, R-Houston. "If we can't talk about a story on our radio station without someone coming down and hanging a flag ... on top of the radio tower, that is really intimidation. That's not healthy."

    KVCE described itself as “the new conservative voice of Dallas” on its Web site.

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    They should have just burned it off.
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