ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- A woman arrested by mistake has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Easton police illegally searched and detained her, defamed her and violated her right to privacy.
Keisha L. Davis of Easton was 22 years old when she was arrested Jan 5, 2004, on a warrant that Easton police had obtained.
The lawsuit says she was handcuffed as co-workers and supervisors watched, and that she was told she was being arrested for theft and receiving stolen property.
The lawsuit says Davis was taken to the Northampton County Prison, where she was strip-searched. Officials said she spent about five hours in prison.
The lawsuit says police confused her with Keisha E. Davis, also of Easton. That Keisha Davis was 29 when she was arrested a month later.

Then-Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo had admitted police made "a very serious mistake," and said officials apologized in person to Keisha L. Davis, who had never before been arrested.