SO trial to get underway Monday (Friday, January 26, 2007)

Two former Young County Sheriff’s Office employees will go on trial Monday to face charges of aggravated perjury.
Former Jail Administrator Carolin Teague and former Chief Dispatcher Beth Dodson will face charges that allege they lied to a grand jury about altering a 9-1-1 recording.
The perjury indictments were returned against the two women in April 2005. At the same time, former Sheriff Carey Pettus and former Chief Deputy Gary Barnett were indicted.
Attorney Pro Tem John Terrill, district attorney of Erath County, was appointed to serve as the prosecutor for the charges against the four individuals after Young County District Attorney Steve Bristow recused himself due to a personal and working relationship with the defendants. The presiding judge for the trial will be David Cleveland of Mineral Wells, a retired senior judge.

The indictments allege the four intentionally or knowingly made false statements under oath in connection with a grand jury session in September of 2004 concerning a 9-1-1 audio recording and/or recording device.
Dodson’s perjury indictment has to do with her allegedly testifying to the grand jury she did not know who altered or modified a copy of a 9-1-1 audio tape recording. The indictment alleges she made or assisted in making an altered or modified copy of a 9-1-1 recording.
Teague’s indictment charges she testified to a grand jury that she did not know who made an altered or modified copy of a 9-1-1 tape recording or how it was made. The indictment alleges she made or assisted in making the tape.
Teague and Dodson were also indicted on charges relating to the initial investigation concerning the 9-1-1 tape. Dodson is charged with tampering with a government record and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence. Teague is charged with altering, destroying or concealing a record, document or thing, to whit a 9-1-1 recording and with intent to harm or defraud another through the use of a record, document or thing, to whit an altered 9-1-1 audio recording.

Terrill said the two women will be taken to trial concurrently beginning at 9 a.m. Monday in the old Criminal Courts Building, 300 North Belknap, in Fort Worth. Jury selection will be the first order of business, unless there are motions that need to be addressed, according to the prosecutor.
“I would say we would be able to finish it within a week,” said Terrill.
He noted, however, it is hard to say how long the trial may last because he has not worked with the judge or the attorneys for the defense.
Attorneys from Wichita Falls are representing the two defendants. Dotson is represented by Bob Estrada. Teague’s attorney is Chuck Smith.
Aggravated perjury is a third degree felony punishable by between two to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000.