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    Angry DUI Driver Charged In Officer's Death Released On Bail


    Driver Charged In Officer's Death Released On Bail

    POSTED: 5:35 pm CST January 27, 2007

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    FORT WORTH, Texas -- The driver charged in the death of a Fort Worth police officer was released from jail Friday after posting $100,000 bail, NBC 5 reported.

    Police said Samuel Lee Hilburn, 21, was drunk when he crashed into Officer Dwayne Freeto's patrol car in December. Freeto died in the crash.

    Hilburn is charged with intoxication manslaughter in Freeto's death. He is being monitored with an ankle device to make sure he doesn't drink alcohol and had a breath monitoring device installed in his car. [yeah, unless he uses his girlfriend's car, like the bimbo that we tried a few years ago, who we saw proof that she routinly used her boyfriend's car to go bar-hopping in, beccuse hers had an interlock device installed to keep her from re-offending. We gave that bitch 4 years for her 2nd offense, and she's probably out now drinking again]
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    Monitors can tell if you've been drinking now? Oh, right, reporters can't write, nevermind.

    You're certainly right, Charlie, he could use another car. That's the risk of bail though - a judge has to decide if the risk of letting someone go is acceptable, and what incentive there is to that person and his supporters to keep him in check by the level of the bail. It sucks when it doesn't work, but what's the alternative?

    One alternative would be to not have bail for a much wider variety of crimes. Another alternative, in this case, would be the nanny state route. Something do gooders are all ready working on.


    New York state legislators are considering requiring the devices on all cars and trucks by 2009. And automakers, already close to offering the devices as optional equipment on all Volvo and Saab models in Sweden, are considering whether to bring the technology here.
    I hope to hell he doesn't go driving drunk. Maybe he shouldn't get bail.



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