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    Videotaped Attack To Lead To Charges For Teen Girls

    Not much of a writeup, it's a video report.
    Figured it was coming, but this is the first I've seen of a YouTube (or whichever site) video becoming evidence.

    There's only going to be more of this. That leads me to a question : If someone sees such a video and recognizes someone in it, are they required to report?


    Videotaped Attack To Lead To Charges For Teen Girls

    Eyewitness News has learned at least two teenaged girls will be charged in a fight caught on tape. Channel 9 first uncovered the video last week and brought it to the attention of Melbourne police. Since then, it has received nationwide attention. (01/30/07)

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    I think that's hilarious. If they want to act like trash, they should get treated like it too!
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