Published January 31, 2007

ANGLETON — A feeling of repulsion came over Janet Keleher as she watched a video on a teenager’s MySpace page Sunday, she said.

When she saw messages on a Yahoo! chat group asking what could be done about the video, she immediately went to the page to see it.

If you go to www.myspace.

com/pauldaiceman, you will see a notice stating the site is invalid. When Keleher visited that site Sunday, she said she saw something different.

Keleher, 37, of Burt, N.Y., called Angleton police and said there was a video of a pit bull mauling a cat on the popular community Web site, officers said.

“It’s quite disturbing with someone so young,” Keleher said. “I was frustrated because I knew the dog was going to pay the price.”

The video, which was not available on the site late Tuesday, shows a brown pit bull dog attacking an orange stray cat. The cat is tied to the bumper of a truck while the dog continues to bite at its neck until the cat stops moving.

“The cat was tied to the bed of the truck,” Angleton Police Detective Stephanie Kohls said. “It couldn’t go anywhere. Anybody could have watched (the video). Any 10-year-old could have looked at that.”

Kohls happened to be answering the phone Sunday, and when she saw the video, she instantly recognized the front yard. It was the same front yard where she maced a teenage boy a few years ago, she said.

Keleher knew to call Angleton police because the Web page indicated the teen was from Angleton, Kohls said.

Two teens who are seen briefly in the video are being sought by Angleton police officers for questioning. The two teens who allegedly shot the video and posted it on the Web site could face animal cruelty charges because they allowed the two animals to fight, Kohls said. Animal cruelty is a state jail felony with a punishment range of 180 days to two years in prison.

On Tuesday afternoon, Kohls went to the house in the 900 block of Walker Street in Angleton to serve a civil warrant to pick up two pit bulls that were chained to the ground in the back yard. However, the two teens sought in connection with posting the video were not there.

The cat’s body was found in a pile of brush a few yards behind the 7-year-old’s home Tuesday afternoon. Cruelty investigators with the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took the cat’s body as evidence, said Heidi Brasher, community outreach manager for the Houston SPCA.

“Anytime you allow two animals to fight,” it is animal cruelty, Kohls said.

Two pit bulls, one of which was believed to be in the video, were taken into custody by SPCA officials as camera crews from a Houston television station and Animal Planet’s “Houston Animal Cops” program recorded.

The dog in the video is a one-year-old pit bull named Brooke that was given to the 17-year-old on his birthday three weeks ago, Kohls said. The video of the attack was made Thursday, she said.

Another female pit bull puppy named Coco also was taken into custody by the SPCA. There will be a hearing in 10 days to determine the fate of both animals, Brasher said.

A county court-at-law judge, who likely will view the video before determining what will happen to the animals, could decide to have the pit bull euthanized, given back to the family or given to the SPCA, Brasher said.

The woman who originally reported the site to police said she did not want the dog to die because of what happened.

“I hope they don’t put the animals to sleep because their owner is an idiot,” Keleher said.

The 14-year-old sister of one of the teens believed to have made the video said she saw the attack when it was recorded and thought it was a bad idea to publish it on his site.

“I thought it was a big deal,” she said.

MySpace is a Web site that allows users to post their pictures and videos to share with other users. A representative from the site could not be reached late Tuesday.

Under the terms and conditions of MySpace, users are not allowed to put up videos or images of unlawful activity.