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    Thumbs up Male Inmate Hides In Female Holding Cell

    North Carolina: Male Inmate Hides In Female Holding Cell
    Posted: January 25th, 2006 12:52 PM EDT

    Authorities in Cumberland County are investigating how a male inmate managed to get into a female holding cell and hideout there for more than two hours.

    Sheriff Earl "Moose" Butler said on Jan. 17, deputies discovered Michael Harris hiding out in the holding cell where female inmates are confined while awaiting a court appearance.

    Authorities said Harris was being transported to the courthouse along with several other inmates for a court appearance early that morning.

    The investigation is still pending, but authorities said it's likely Harris managed to slip away from the group into the cell, which had been left opened by janitors the night before.

    Authorities are also trying to determine how Harris went unnoticed as deputies brought women in and out of the cell over the course of his two hour stay.

    Butler said the preliminary investigation indicates that none of the 13 female inmates in the cell at the time notified deputies of Harris' presence.

    Harris was still in full restraints -- handcuffs, waist chains, and a lock box with shackles -- when he was finally taken back into custody.

    County officials said Maj. John McRainey, the chief jailer, has instituted procedural changes regarding the transportation of inmates to the courthouse to ensure no further incidents occur.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dla4079 View Post
    Butler said the preliminary investigation indicates that none of the 13 female inmates in the cell at the time notified deputies of Harris' presence.

    Probably because he was having a field day with them. Them without a man for so long, him without a woman for so long....

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    I heard (now this is like 100th hand) that they didn't notice him because his "weewee" was so small....they thought he was female....
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    There have been times in our jail for mistaken sex...

    There was a female in the male cell for several months, she took her shower at night, and even the male inmates didn't know.

    one time we had a transvestite in here that look 100% women, the women that was searching her....well, she changed with a male deputy.
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