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Thread: Jiffy Lube Scam

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    Signal_W Guest

    Jiffy Lube Scam

    All customers beware..


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    What a crock of shit. I never go to Jiffy Lube, and now never will!
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    Damn, no kidding. I don't deal with Midas, Jiffy Lube, or Firestone. They see a woman walk up and every last one of them assumes I don't know my own car. I deal with a local mechanic who not only fixes it right, but is reasonably priced and they also manage to fix little things that I'd been meaning to take care of myself, and they don't charge me for it. If I need something they can't do, I ask who they recommend, and invariably they've steered me right. I think the chains all try to screw customers.
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    The video was done in the Los Angeles area a couple months back. This expose is why Jiffy Lube is now running commercials trying to convince the public that the company can be trusted. Hmmm, doesn't quite do it for me! I've never trusted those quickie places!!

    Ducky, I agree they generally assume we females don't know our way around a vehicle. I love the look on a doubting mechanic's face when he realizes I actually am knowledgeable about the engine!
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    Jiffy Lube did the exact same thing to me a few years ago, with an air filter they charged me for but didn't actually replace. Theivery on that scale has got to be coming down from their corporate management. Why don't the feds quit prosecuting Border Patrol agents doing their jobs and go after Jiffy Lube?
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    Its not just Jiffy Lube that does this, a lot of places manage to skimp on some of the services offered, but none like what I saw here.

    This is why I am glad that I do majority of my own auto repairs.
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    I worked at a Valvoline quick lube, and I quit because of the bull shit like that. They would cross thread a pan plug, and then replace it with a new one and charge for it. Almost everytime. They would often wipe off hard to get at oil filters, and claim they had changed it. All the while charging the customer for a new filter, and the oil in the filter.
    I reported them. I filed a claim with the BBB, and talked to the useless manager, who was busted for embezzlement about a year later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by armygrnt502 View Post
    Its not just Jiffy Lube that does this, a lot of places manage to skimp on some of the services offered,
    Quite a few places do that!

    Good post, Signal_W!

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