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A 5-year-old boy is in critical condition after falling through a frozen pond and spending an hour in icy waters, officials said.

Authorities said Barry Ziclinski, 5, was walking on ice at a pond on Webster Ranch Road north of Van Buren when he fell in. His mother, grandfather and sister all fell through the ice trying to save him.

The young boy was walking with his sister when he fell through. When Barry's mother, grandfather and sister arrived at the scene, they jumped into the water.

Officials said six different police agencies arrived at the scene to help. They were able to pull everybody but the boy from the water. An hour later, emergency dive teams were able to pull Barry out by hooking his jacket.

Crawford County officials said that even though water might appear to be frozen, it might not really be.

"It's never a good place to play on the ice, and in Arkansas it just doesn't get cold enough to warrant the risk of playing on the ice," said Crawford County Sheriff Mike Allen.

Ziclinski is in critical condition, officials said, at Sparks Hospital and is being flown to Arkansas Children's Hospital for treatment.