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    Child molester gets 800 years

    Child molester gets 800 years
    Associated Press

    SAN JOSE - The former roommate of notorious child predator Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller was sentenced Friday to hundreds of years in prison for molesting a 3-year-old he baby-sat and two other boys.

    Fred Everts, 36, was silent as he was sentenced in Santa Clara County Superior Court to 800 years to life in prison.

    Everts, who was shackled at the wrists and ankles, was convicted last year of 17 felony counts of child molestation and taking pornographic pictures of children, and one misdemeanor count of possessing child pornography.

    The victims were 3, 9 and 11 years old at the time of the abuse.

    His sentence was compounded under California's three-strikes law because of two felony convictions in Oregon in 1993 for sodomy and sexual abuse of his young stepson.

    Steve Fein, who prosecuted Everts and Schwartzmiller, said Everts admitted molesting about 40 children, including his 3-month-old biological son. He asked for the maximum sentence of 1,175 years to life in prison.

    ''He's the poster child for three strikes,'' Fein said, adding that Everts targeted younger victims than Schwartzmiller did. ''He may have been less sophisticated than Schwartzmiller, but in many ways he was just as dangerous.''

    In asking for leniency, defense lawyer Steven Woodson asked the judge to disregard the previous two felonies and consider his client's admission to the crimes and cooperation with investigators.

    ''It's not right that Mr. Schwartzmiller gets 152 years in prison, and there's no question (Everts) is not the heavyweight in this case, and he gets 7 times the sentence,'' Woodson said.

    San Jose police discovered the crimes two years ago while investigating Schwartzmiller, a serial molester believed to have kept detailed logs of hundreds of children he abused over decades.

    Schwartzmiller and Everts had met in prison on earlier molestation charges and eventually moved in together in San Jose.

    Police were looking to question Schwartzmiller at their home about a traffic accident when they discovered Everts was wanted in Oregon for a parole violation.

    After his arrest, Everts confessed to molesting three boys, and police said that they found sexually suggestive photos of two of the victims.

    Everts admitted to molesting the 3-year-old son of a friend of Schwartzmiller's, police said.

    Everts befriended the older two by buying them gifts, playing videogames with them and giving them money, and later pressured them to engage in sex acts with him and pose for nude and sexually explicit photographs, a police detective testified.

    Schwartzmiller was arrested in June 2005 after investigators found a graphic 456-page memoir describing sexual abuse, binders full of child pornography and 1,500 notebook pages with headings including ''blond boys,'' ''no, but yes boys,'' and ''best of the best, 13 and under.''

    Prosecutors said the notes indicated that Schwartzmiller abused as many as 100 boys in eight U.S. states, Mexico and Brazil from 1969 to 2005.

    Schwartzmiller, who had at least three molestation convictions and a dozen arrests over three decades, said the notebook entries and memoir were fiction.

    He blamed Everts for the child pornography, and argued as his own defense lawyer at trial that he was maligned by a society that doesn't accept men who love boys.

    Schwartzmiller, 65, was sentenced last month, also in Santa Clara County Superior Court, to 152 years to life in prison for sexually abusing two 12-year-old boys.

    He had been convicted on 11 felony counts of child molestation and one misdemeanor charge of child pornography possession.

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    I am an opponent of the "three strikes" law. And this case is a perfect example of why. If they'd have put this monster down like a rapid dog the first time, there wouldn't have been any more victims.

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    I saw this on the news this morning. What a nasty piece of shit this guy is. Well atleast we know he'll be taken real well care of in prison for the rest of his life!
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    Break out the mops, boys.. there's gonna be a mess to mop up in "C-block" tonite!

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    We don't even live that long....WTF?!?!
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