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    Bloomberg Dealt Setback -- For Now

    (From the NRA-ILA)

    In a blow to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's crusade to drive gun dealers out of business, the U.S. government has decided not to file charges against those dealers targeted by the mayor.

    Stepping well outside his legal jurisdiction, Bloomberg coordinated a private, undercover "sting" operation using private investigators to stage straw purchases in the hopes of catching dealers engaging in illegal sales. Among the numerous problems with this illicit campaign, Michael Battle, DOJ's director of the executive office for United States Attorneys, cited the Mayor's use of persons "without proper law enforcement authority" and efforts that "interrupt or jeopardize" criminal probes.

    When asked if the Bloomberg administration plans to stop conducting the sting operations, Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler said, "Not necessarily."

    In hailing this recent development, NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox noted, "NRA has always maintained that Mayor Bloomberg overstepped his boundaries and possibly broke the law in conducting these sting operations, and we expressed our concerns to BATFE immediately. NRA is grateful that the bureau has reviewed the matter and concluded that no action is warranted against these firearms retailers. NRA hopes that Mayor Bloomberg heeds the BATFE's stern warning that he and his administration could face potential legal liabilities if they continue their disregard of current federal law and the safety of law enforcement officers. If Mayor Bloomberg was serious about reducing crime, he would focus on prosecuting violent criminals in his city, instead of resorting to media stunts and press conferences."
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    Bloomberg should be in prison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackalope View Post
    Bloomberg should be in prison.
    Thats a big ole ten four good buddy.
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