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    13 year old boy sodomized with a drumstick as he bent over to pull his pants up

    A 13-year-old boy who sodomized another boy with a drumstick in their school locker room when he bent over to pull up his pants was arrested Tuesday on assault charges, police said.

    "While the victim reached over to pull up his shorts, another student poked him in the rectum with a wooden drumstick," Nassau County police spokesman Detective Sgt. Anthony Repalone said.

    Repalone said the Feb. 6 attack on a 13-year-old middle school student caused the victim "substantial pain."

    The accused teenager, whose name was not released by police, was being charged as a juvenile and was to appear in Family Court. He would have faced felony charges had he been at least 16 years old, police said.

    School officials learned about the incident from students a day after the attack in the East Meadow School District, police said. The school notified the parents of the victim, who took him to receive medical attention and notified police.

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    I first pictured a fried chicken leg when I read the title.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bak407 View Post
    I first pictured a fried chicken leg when I read the title.
    Which in turn reminds me of the woman who snuck fried chicken into jail after stuffing it up her crouch and rectum... She was pulling it out & eating it in the holding pen without washing it off.

    You know, though, when I was a kid, if stuff like this happened (never heard of this specifically), then the principal or coach would paddle every rear end in sight till everyone was black & blue, and things pretty much worked themselves out from there (for example, drumsticks were found broken over heads, etc).

    These days it takes ten professionals and a court system to solve the same problem in a year that "schoolyard justice" used to solve in a couple of days.
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