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    SWAT Team Wakes Suspect After Standoff

    I guess some people just can't stay up very late


    SWAT Team Wakes Suspect After Standoff

    (AP) WALHALLA, S.C. Justin Stasney might have had a good reason for not responding to officers who surrounded his home. He was asleep in a recliner when the SWAT team found him after a four-hour standoff, authorities said. "He did not know we were there until we put our hands on him," Oconee County Sheriff's Capt. Steve Jenkins said.

    Stasney, 26, ran his mother from their home Tuesday night by firing several shots, deputies said.

    Officers surrounding the home first heard breaking glass and other noise, but then heard nothing from Stasney despite making calls on a telephone they were able to get into the house and talking to him over a patrol car's loudspeaker, authorities said.

    A second SWAT team went around the back of the house after about four hours and saw Stasney asleep in a chair, Jenkins said.

    Officers entered stealthily and woke Stasney up to arrest him. He's been charged with discharging a firearm into a residence, but could face additional charges, Jenkins said.

    No one was injured, but the home had bullet holes in the walls and ceiling, Jenkins said.

    Deputies said they recovered about 15 guns in the house.

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    We had a similar call at a campsite in our county. We took 2 of three bad guys down at various points around the camp, but found the third sleeping peacefully in his camp trailer despite all the FNDs and shouting right outside his window.
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