While the story is from Japan the computer system could show up here any time. Or are there already systems like this that I don't know about?

Police to develop computer system to help predict serial crimes

The National Police Agency (NPA) is set to develop a computer system to help officers predict when and where serial crimes will likely occur, officials said.

The NPA is scheduled to begin development of the system in April this year with the aim of putting it into practical use by the end of fiscal 2008.

Under the system, the locations, methods and tendencies of such crimes will be shown on an electronic map on a computer screen. Investigators will analyze the data, predict where and when the next incident will likely occur and post officers to the scene to try and apprehend the criminals.

NPA officials hope that the system will help police in their efforts to prevent serial crimes such as bag snatching and the theft of valuables from parked cars.

Experiments that Gunma, Mie and Fukuoka prefectural police conducted from January 2004 to March 2005 have proven that the use of electronic maps is effective in preventing a recurrence of such crimes.

In Fukuoka Prefecture, police posted officers to areas where they predicted that bag snatching would occur in April 2004 after analyzing earlier incidents shown on an electronic map and were successful in arresting a 24-year-old Chinese student shortly after he committed such a crime.

Based on data shown on an electronic map following a string of bag snatches, Gunma Prefectural Police predicted where the next incident would occur, posted officers to the area and arrested a 57-year-old jobless man after he stole a bag from a bicycle basket.