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    Angry Report: Dallas Officers Searching More Black Drivers

    As usual, Glenn White (Dallas Police Association predisent) has it right...


    Statistics Show 10 Percent Increase In Searches Over Previous Year

    POSTED: 8:41 am CST February 20, 2007
    UPDATED: 9:01 am CST February 20, 2007

    DALLAS -- Dallas city leaders are expected to confront the Dallas Police Department Tuesday over questions of possible racial profiling.

    The latest numbers from the police department show a sharp increase in searching black drivers. Black drivers represent 45 percent of all traffic searches conducted by the department but are only a quarter of the population.


    In the previous year, black drivers were only searched 35 percent of the time.

    City leaders will meet with officials from the police department at City Hall on Tuesday to discuss the statistics.

    "There's a perception that when you think crime you think African-American, which is a false perception," said Don Hill, Dallas City Councilman.

    The [Dallas] Police Association president [Glenn White] said the figures are a reflection of crime facts and not racial profiling.

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    Let me throw this out there without being deemed a complete and utter racist. If I am looking for weed and in my past experience I find that I find more weed in a black drivers car am I wrong? Or I am looking for coke and in my past experiences I find more coke in mexicans cars am I wrong? If the shoe fits wear it. I could care less what color. I stick with what I know and where I know to get it. Am I wrong for stopping the white kids in the all black neighborhood? No. Am I wrong for stopping the black kids in the all white neighborhood? No. Racial profiling is just a bullshit card that is pulled.

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    How about the ethenic makeup of the area you patrol... If there is a lagre black/hispanic population in your area then of course your numbers for that group will be higher..
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    Sounds like bullshit. Those flat out numbers don't tell the whole story.



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