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    Calling Officer Rowdy Yates...

    To a country boy this story is funny on multiple levels. Tipped over semi full of cattle, call the State Patrol and the rendering plant. One cow on the loose, call the closest neighbor you know has cattle, describe the brand, get a rope. Or easier yet, a bucket of corn.

    But then once the PD showed up they played OJ with it in a slow speed chase lasting four hours. Four hours! Now I know a number of yall are from more rural parts of the country as well. How long would this roundup take you?

    Last summer a half dozen cows got loose and were wandering main street. (surprised anyone even noticed) Just so happened they walked by the studio of the local radio station so we were treated to live reports. Sadly, the fun was over in about fifteen minutes after KPD blocked the street and a few cowboys from the salebarn showed up to assist.

    That's life in the big city, Kearney style.

    Got a funny animal story? Share it! For now, on with this one out of Massachusetts.


    Cow Leads Police On Chase
    Animal Rams Cruiser

    BOSTON -- Upton police went on a cow chase after an escaped bovine from neighboring Grafton came rumbling down Route 140.

    NewsCenter 5's Lynn Jolicoeur reported that the cow is fat, and sometimes moves slowly. She's not your typical escapee.

    "I gave them the call as reported -- a large animal walking down the middle of Route 140 that had large horns," Upton Police Department Dispatcher Debbie LaRose said.

    "I was going to give Dan one of those red things to see if the cow would follow him back chasing that," said Paula Tripp, who helped chase the cow.

    The cow's owners call her "Moo-Cow." During her middle-of-the-night jaunt, she wasn't taking any bull.

    The hairy situation started when the Scottish highlander busted a barbed wire fence at her Grafton farm at about 1 a.m. She crossed the line into Upton, where two officers started the chase.

    "Although, they did take it seriously. They didn't want someone to run into the bull and get injured. It did make the night go by fast," Upton Police Department Chief Tom Stockwell said.

    "Oh yeah, she was mad," Tripp said.

    Tripp, a neighbor of the owners who's watching their animals while they travel, joined in on the chase with several friends and a vet.

    "We were chasing it up 140, down the side streets, back down to 140," she said.

    The cow puffed for four to five miles over four hours before deciding she had had enough of the hot pursuit. After the animal rammed the cruiser, Tripp's friend tripped up the cow with a rodeo-worthy lasso.

    "He let go, and I grabbed it and got dragged up the street," Tripp said. "There was no stopping this thing."

    The cow finally gave up and retired back to the farm.

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    Gee, a girl goes out to do a little sightseeing, maybe get dinner, next thing you know she's mistaken for a guy and getting called fat to boot, but other guys are STILL trying to rope her into something she's not into. And then the next day your name is splashed all over the media. After a day like that, I'd call it quits and go home, too.

    What do you want to bet that if a fat woman goes on a rampage in that town, her nickname will be 'Moo-Cow'?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenna View Post
    That makes me want veal chops for dinner.

    There are curious cows in my town every once in a while. In fact, one day on my way home from work there was a huge cow standing in the middle of the road. Since it was a two lane road with no shoulder, everyone just had to wait - it looked around, urinated, and then ambled off.



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