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    Marijuana confiscated at Chaska middle school

    Marijuana and drug paraphernalia were confiscated from eight students at Chaska Middle School East last week, and the case is being investigated by the city's police.

    The students, seventh- and eighth-graders, could face suspension or expulsion for a year, said Principal Jim Bach.

    "The issue was brought to our attention last week by students and parents, and we believe the process worked because the community came forward," Bach said.

    Police Chief Scott Knight said it's premature to say whether criminal charges will be filed.

    Bach said drug use at the school hasn't been a problem.

    "It's not uncommon for kids that age -- it's a time of experimentation," he said. "But we caught it before it became a huge problem."

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    before it became a huge problem... sorry, in my mind 7th and 8th graders bringing crap like that to school is already a big problem...

    what ever happened to high school and college being a time for experimentation? =/

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