A Brooklyn man who says a cemetery sinkhole sucked him into his brother-in-law's grave is suing church officials.
Gerard Glock, 39, of Flatbush, was trimming weeds choking a family plot at St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale, L.I., on Dec. 1, 2004, when the earth collapsed under his feet, he told the Daily News.
Seconds later, he was waist-deep in the grave of his brother-in-law, Charles Rizzo.
"I just fell right into Charles' grave," said Glock, who said his wife, daughter and mother-in-law watched in shock.
"It was exactly out of a horror movie. It was like being buried alive," Glock said. "My daughter was hysterical crying, my wife was in shock."
Glock said he was so spooked by the experience that he couldn't work for two months and lost $2,200 in wages. He believes his feet touched Rizzo's coffin.
"I'd have nightmares, wake up in cold sweats," Glock said. "It was very freaky."
A complaint filed by Glock's lawyer Joe Russo charged the Diocese of Brooklyn - which operates the St. Charles Cemetery - with creating a "trap, hazard and danger" by inadequately filling in the grave.
"This was not an act of God," said Russo, who is seeking an unspecified amount in damages. "The negligence is pretty clear cut." Diocese of Brooklyn spokesman Frank DeRosa declined comment on the suit. "We won't respond to the suit until we see it," DeRosa said.