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    Narcissism may be hard trend to stop

    I'm reminded of that old Whitney Houston song
    I believe the children are our future...

    Now if you'll excuse me I need to go make travel arrangements for my move to Mars.


    Narcissism may be hard trend to stop
    Thursday, Mar 01, 2007 - 11:55:38 pm CST

    San Diego psychologist Jean Twenge is worried about the rise in narcissism among college students. Other Americans should be worried, too. She’s identified a societal trend that shows no sign of slowing and has ominous implications for the future.

    As reported in “The 402” feature section in the Journal Star this week, Twenge and her colleagues examined the responses of college students who completed the Narcissistic Personality Inventory between 1982 and 2006.

    Scores showing narcissism have risen steadily. Last year, two-thirds of students had above-average scores for narcissism, 30 percent higher than in 1982.

    The consequences of narcissism are bad for the individual and society because self-centered people have trouble forming emotional bonds with people and strike out when they are insulted or disappointed. “I’m concerned we are heading toward a society where people are going to treat each other badly, either on the streets or in relationships,” Twenge said.

    Twenge traces the rise in narcissism back to the self-esteem programs that became popular a couple of decades ago, when elementary school children sang, “I am special. I am special. Look at me.”

    Permissive parenting also is a contributing influence. There was a time when a bad report card meant parents cracked down on students. Now parents are more likely to defend students to teachers and school administrators. Lawsuits are filed when students get bad grades or are cut from athletic teams. A Kansas City teacher resigned several years ago when administrators failed to support the flunking grades she gave to students who had plagiarized.

    The trend toward narcissism is amplified by the Internet. Now those children who have been told throughout their life that they are special turn to MySpace and YouTube, where they can indulge in further self-glorification.

    Author Neal Gabler wrote recently that the Internet is a “niche machine, dividing itself into tiny, self-described categories,” leading people “to identify themselves as members of ever-smaller cohorts — ethnic, political, demographic, regional, religious …”

    In short, in today’s society has become much easier for individuals to associate only with those who provide the self-reinforcement they crave. Their self-images can go unchallenged. Their beliefs can go unchallenged.

    There’s no need for self-examination or self-criticism. Don’t like people criticizing your political beliefs? No problem. Just hang out with people who think like you, whether that’s the Rush Limbaugh room at the local restaurant or the Democracy Now Web site.

    Twenge’s findings have the ring of truth. She and her colleagues suggest that the remedy for narcissism is less indulgence of children by parents and other authorities. They may be right about that, too. But can a narcissistic generation grasp the need for change? Can it understand what it’s missing?

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    In a society that shuns games like Dodgeball because it clearly defines winners and losers? I'm shocked. Really.

    I blame Jenna.
    "If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn't thinking." -Gen. George S. Patton

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    I hate the whole "everybody is a winner" PC bullshit. Kids need to face defeat at some point, and it's much better to do so while they're still young than when they try to enter a career.
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    I'll make a comment later; right now my mirror needs to be adjusted, it's just not reflecting my image correctly.

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    A gentle reminder about narcissism from a confirmed reformed narcissist....

    Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

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