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Thread: Sponsored staff

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    Sponsored staff

    02 March 2007

    A North Yorkshire MP has criticised plans for police community support officers (PCSOs) in the county to be sponsored by companies which would like to benefit more from their services.

    Phil Willis, MP for Harrogate and Knaresborough, said that sponsorship - which will be given in return for "enhanced policing services" such as increased security near company premises - could make policing unfairly balanced.

    He told the Press newspaper: "I worry greatly about relying on sponsorship for officers performing frontline duties and I worry that sponsorship could buy you preferential treatment from the police. I have no problem with companies supporting the police, but resources have got to be 100 per cent at the disposal of the police force.

    "The chief constable has to retain 100 per cent operational control over anyone in uniform. But it is important North Yorkshire Police build a good relationship with both the business community and private citizens, and bringing the two together with joint initiatives is right."

    By the end of March the number of PCSOs in the county will have increased to 183 from its previous figure of 75.


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    Would you explain a bit about the job of a PCSO? Afraid I'm unfamiliar with that position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BugEyedBeast View Post
    Would you explain a bit about the job of a PCSO? Afraid I'm unfamiliar with that position.
    They are a high visibility presence on the streets, they have no powers of arrest but some forces have given them the power to detain for 30 minutes untill a Constable arrives.

    Their main role is supposed to be the prevention of crime by officer presence secondary to this is the reasurance of the public by just being there in a uniform.

    They patrol in uniform in a similar way to Police constables but with the obvious limitations as they don't have a power to arrest, carry CS/PAVA, Batons. They have very basic training which covers very little law in comparison with a full sworn Constable.

    They are a very new concept which many (me included) thing is a step in the wrong direction and as such none have more than 4/5 years service also being a civilian post they tend to have a high turn over of staff some of whom become Constables.


    Posted this link as when one person asks a question there must be others who were wondering hope this helps.

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    Sounds like a security guard or peace officer. Annoying, but they have their place. Provided they stay in it.
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    Why don't those companies just hire Armed Security Guards?

    Rhetorical question

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    I agree with Dave, this is not a step in the right direction, but I will refrain from further comment!
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    PCSO? Please Call Someother Officer! As I can't actually do anything remotely useful. Granted I can detain you for up to 30 minutes, but only if you're willing to actually be detained, as I have no power or equipment to force you to remain! However I do get paid loads of money that could be spent on proper police officers!

    God, they're worse than Specials!! Grrrrrrrrr!!
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