ATLANTA (AP) -- A suspected drug dealer whose November arrest led to the fatal shooting of an elderly woman during a police raid was arrested again on drug charges.

Fabian Sheats was arrested Friday and charged with possessing cocaine and marijuana he intended to distribute.

The police report shows Sheats was arrested trying to run from police in the same area where he was arrested Nov. 21. During that incident, Sheats allegedly told officers about a house where they could find a kilogram of cocaine.

It was that tip that led Atlanta police to the home of Kathryn Johnston. When they entered without warning, Johnston, 92, wounded three officers before she was shot to death.

No cocaine was found in Johnston's home, and her death is under investigation by local agencies and the FBI.

Partly in response to that shooting, the Atlanta City Council on Monday voted to approve a stronger citizen review board for law enforcement. A group of state lawmakers is also pushing for legislation to make it hard for police to get "no-knock" warrants like the one officers used to enter Johnston's home without warning.

No-knock warrants are typically are used to search for drugs and weapons and are intended to prevent suspects from getting rid of evidence and to protect officers from violent suspects.