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    I Wish They Would Help Pay for My House

    Governor announces $3.2 million in affordable housing grants

    March 11, 2007 - Gov. (Ass)Rod Blagojevich announced Sunday that nearly $3.2 million in federal affordable housing rehabilitation grants will help 89 low-income homeowners across the state.

    The Illinois Housing Development Authority allocated the federal HOME funds to 13 municipalities and non-profit groups to administer under the Single Family Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program, a Office of the Governor release said.

    A total of 13 grantees, including Project NOW, Inc., the City of Moline, and the City of LaHarpe, will receive more than $3 million in funds. The grantees will award a maximum of $40,000 to each local homeowner to pay for rehabilitation work, according to the release.

    The funds can only be spent on the owner's principle residence. Furthermore, the funds do not have to be repaid, provided the homeowner continues to live in the home for five to 10 years, depending on the size of the grant, the release said.

    "Nobody should lose their home because they can't afford to fix a leaking roof or update their plumbing," Gov. Blagojevich said in the release. "These federal grants will help homeowners, especially in older properties, afford costly, but necessary, repairs to their homes."

    IHDA allocates funding under the SFOOR Program annually. Since 1993, IHDA has given around 2,500 low-income homeowners in Illinois financial assistance totaling more than $63 million to repair their homes and keep them safe to live in, the release said.

    Sun-Times News Group Wire Chicago Sun-Times 2006

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    I agree with Pedro. They should come fix my place too, at least I work and pay my own damn bills.
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    I Wish They Would Help Pay for My House

    No. You worked too hard to earn wht you have. They won't help you at all. Instead, they will build more low income housing around the block from you and lower your property value for you. Nice huh?

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    can't cure stupid. ablebody workers, taxpaying, productive citizens shall not get a brake or help. to receive help one must be lazy with no true sense of pride and vote democrap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin Warrior View Post
    No. You worked too hard to earn what you have.

    Pride over handouts.
    End of message.



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