Men and women who have been found guilty of urinating in public are required by Judge Jerry Jaye of Lakeside Municipal Court to write two letters of apology one to downtown businesses through the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership and one to the citizens of Fond du Lac that will be published in The Reporter. The signed letters of apology to citizens of Fond du Lac follow:

# Recently I received a public urination ticket. It was on the night of Nov. 27. I was with friends when the establishment we were at was shutting down and the employees forced us to the door. On the way to the car I found a secluded area with no one around and nothing that could be damaged. I received the ticket from the officer and didn't argue with him. I paid the ticket and thought nothing else would come about.

After I paid the ticket I received a letter saying, "You have been ordered by the court to write two letters of apology (minimum of 100 words), one to the downtown business and one to the citizens of Fond du Lac. These letters are due within one week of your initial court date and they MUST be signed with both your first and last name. Copies of the letters are to be sent to the Lakeside Municipal Court (also due within one week). Failure to do so will be a violation of a Court Order and may result in an additional fine and/or a warrant for your arrest." In conclusion, I'm sorry.

Tyler T. Schill


# I apologize to the public for going to the bathroom outside when it is meant to be done indoors. I realize it was wrong for me to do something like that. I also realize that it was a very unlady-like thing to do, although that does not make it right for the men to do either. Again, I am sorry and it will never happen again.

Summer Guell

Fond du Lac

# I am apologizing for urinating in public on April 18, 2005.

Jason Burroughs

Fond du Lac

# I sincerely apologize for my act of disorderly conduct in this city. I will remember to be respectful and to abide by the expectations of this city in the future.

Please accept my apology.

Kim Kotecki

Fond du Lac

# A valuable lesson learned and actions were taken to help me realize respect for other people's property.

Although there was no damage, vandalizing someone's shop that wakes up every day and works hard to maintain a healthy and appealing atmosphere for customers to enjoy a pleasurable experience. My deepest apologies to the people that make that possible and maintain our streets to provide an environment we all could be happy. As a resident of Fond du Lac I would like to return the same favor and keep our beautiful city nice and clean and take pride of where I live.

Sean-Ray I. Avilez

Fond du Lac

# I owe the whole city of Fond du Lac a huge apology. I am truly sorry for the act of public urination in downtown Fond du Lac, Aug. 5. I drank too much and decided to walk home. I should have stopped and went to the bathroom indoors.

I have been a resident of Fond du Lac for 25 years and feel bad for what I did. This town has helped me in many ways. Fond du Lac, of all cities, doesn't need these acts happening downtown or anywhere in the city.

I can guarantee the people of Fond du Lac that they will never see such an act from me again.

Thank you,

Jeremy M. Reitz

Fond du Lac

# I would like to apologize to the businesses and citizens of Fond du Lac for a fine that I received for public urination.

I realize that there is no reason for what I did and I am truly sorry. I know what I did was wrong and it was a bad choice in my judgment.

To the people of Fond du Lac, I'm sorry for what I've done on the city streets.

To the businesses, I am sorry for what I have done also. I desecrated your places of business when I chose to make a very poor decision and for that I am very, very sorry. I hope the people and businesses of Fond du Lac will forgive me.

Joseph G. Ciepluch

Fond du Lac

# I recently got caught taking a major No. 1 in Fond du Lac. It was bar closing time and I didn't have the option to use the restroom in the establishment. I decided to go behind a dumpster. Shortly thereafter, I got caught.

I am sorry for this indecent act and won't ever do it again. This stupid incident has cost me almost $200 and lots of time typing up these apology letters. Not to mention the shame I have cast down on my future children.

Shannon T. Rose

Fond du Lac

# I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to Main Street business owners. I am truly sorry for my actions on Main Street. I was very disrespectful and it was a mistake that will never happen again on my part. I know for a fact that if I owned a business, the last thing I would ever want is for someone to deface my property. For this I am sorry.

For future reference, I will warn others not to make a foolish and expensive mistake like I did. Please know that I have learned my lesson and in the future, I will make a more responsible decision.


Matthew R. Khania


# I want to say I'm sorry for urinating outside in a parking lot by a business in your city. I should have been more responsible and just went and used a restroom. But I didn't.

I hope everyone in Fond du Lac can forgive me. I learned from this mistake I made. I promise you will never have to worry about me doing this again. I'm old enough to know this was wrong but that's how you learn your lessons in life.

The new year is coming up and I will start my new year with more responsibility than what I am now. Well I hope everyone has a good Christmas and new year.

Thank you,

Kelly M. Zingsheim