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    Thumbs down FHP Trooper Accused of Attacking Pregnant Wife

    Police: FHP trooper attacks pregnant wife

    By Allyson Bird
    Palm Beach Post Staff Writer
    Monday, March 12, 2007

    FORT PIERCE — Police arrested a Florida Highway Patrol trooper Saturday on charges of aggravated battery on his pregnant wife.

    Kevin Kane, 39, grabbed his wife's arms, threw her to the floor and held her in a headlock at their Fort Pierce home, according to an arrest report. Victoria Roberts-Kane yelled for the couple's 8-year-old son, who called police.

    Roberts-Kane told police the argument began after she asked her husband about being in contact with his ex-wife.

    Kane remained at the St. Lucie County Jail Monday morning.
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    Like I'm going to judge a man on a small news story.

    There could be a lot more to this.
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    Speaking officially as a former Domestic Violence Investigator and current instuctor, (ahem) if said defendant did in fact use violence against his spouse or household member, especially in light of her "with child" condition, and in the presence of their minor child (which I'm sure got a good lesson on how to keep a woman in line) the said defendant should have his ass handed to him with a very large cast iron frying skillet welded by an exceptionally large individual with numerous blows to the head in direct regard to syllable strikes. Defendant in question should then be stripped naked, horsewhipped in the presence of the public, and have his badge inserted in the most painful of places, sharp edge first. With a hammer. (Did I forget anything?)
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