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    Inmate beats man, takes Kool-Aid break

    Columbia City -- A jail prisoner who tried to stab his new cellmate and break the man's neck abruptly ended the attack to prepare and drink some Kool-Aid, police said.

    The Whitley County prosecutor's office charged William T. Springer on Thursday with attempted murder for the Jan. 6 attack.
    A sheriff's department report states that Springer was talking about killing someone when he grabbed Justin Baden, his cellmate, and pulled him from the top bunk in the jail about 20 miles west of Fort Wayne.
    Springer then punched Baden in the head and tried to stab him in the neck with a pen or pencil, which broke when it struck Baden's head, the report said. He then slammed Baden's head against the metal toilet and door frame before trying to break Baden's neck.
    The report said Springer then asked Baden, who was bruised and suffered cuts in the attack, for some Kool-Aid. Springer prepared the drink and drank some before guards entered the cellblock and subdued him.
    -- Star news services

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    It worked for Jim Jones.



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