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    NYC Sean Bell Grand Jury Reaches Decision...

    but its not being officially released until monday. ABC is reporting that there are 3 officers being indicted thouhg. Someone talked, and should be held in contempt of court.

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    The prosecutor better have a lot more evidence than the number of shots fired and the fact that the guy was supposedly unarmed.

    The friggin news media makes me sick, because they expect a cop's foresight to be as all knowing and all-seeing as their hindsight - Which sometimes isn't hard to accomplish when the reporters have their heads up their ass.
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    Fat Al needs to die. Mayor Bloomdouche needs to be gang raped by 100 BILE. Fvck that city and the savage residents. Those guys just DID THEIR JOB and now the liberal cocksvckers want to prosecute them. I HATE THIS SYSTEM. It is upside down. The cops are the perps and the perps are the victims. Say what you want about what they did....bottom line is it is NOT CRIMINAL. I hope the savages burn in Hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by So Fla Cop View Post
    Mayor Bloomdouche
    I think "Mayor Doucheberg" rolls off the tongue a little more smoothly.
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