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    Source: 4 terrorists killed in U.S. missile strike

    Source: 4 terrorists killed in U.S. missile strike
    Foreigners had been invited to dinner, Pakistani official says


    PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) -- At least four foreign terrorists died in the U.S. airstrike purportedly aimed at al-Qaeda's No. 2 man, the provincial government said Tuesday.

    A statement by the administration of Bajur, a Pakistan tribal region bordering Afghanistan, also said that 10 to 12 foreign extremists had been invited to dinner at the village hit in Friday's attack.

    Pakistani intelligence officials have said Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama bin Laden's top lieutenant, had been invited to a dinner in the targeted village of Damadola to mark an Islamic holiday but did not show up and sent some aides instead.

    The statement was the first official confirmation by Pakistani authorities that foreign militants were killed in the attack, which officials have said also killed innocent civilians.

    The provincial government did not identify who the foreigners were or who was the target of the missile strike.

    "Four or five foreign terrorists have been killed in this missile attack whose dead bodies have been taken away by their companions to hide the real reason of the attack," the statement said, citing the chief official in the Bajur region where Damadola is located.

    "It is regrettable that 18 local people lost their lives in the attack, but this fact also cannot be denied, that 10-12 foreign extremists had been invited on a dinner," it said

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