Two Spring Hill teenagers died following a police chase Sunday morning that left several others injured. A vigil was held Monday night for the two teens.

Now the families of the teenagers involved in the fatal wreck have questions they want answered.

A pick up truck, with five teenagers inside, flipped over several times on Port Royal Road just before 4:00 am Sunday morning.

It was around that time that police got a call about a suspicious vehicle and a possible break-in at a Spring Hill auto parts store.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol said when a Spring Hill officer approached the pickup, it took off, starting the four minute chase that ended in a crash.

Police said five teens were in the pickup truck being pursued by a Spring Hill officer. The pickup crashed into a ditch and flipped, landing on the back of another car. The crash occurred near Kedron Road and Port Royale Drive in Spring Hill.

Paxton Farris,17, died at the scene. Two girls, ages 13 and 14 were seriously hurt in the wreck. The 16 year old driver and a friend had minor injuries.

The Todd's say the 14 year-old girl was on life support Monday, and had been on life support at Vanderbilt since the wreck. She died Monday afternoon. The 13 year-old is at Maury Regional recovering from several broken bones.

The crash happened in a matter of seconds, but it will take many much longer to come to grips with the loss of two friends.

Officials at first said the teenage driver who left the scene, came to the hospital later Sunday morning.

But he was in such shock, he wandered off for six hours. His parents said he slept under leaves to keep warm. In fact, he walked into Marshall County before finding his way to a phone. So far, he has not been charged in connection with this wreck.

The Highway Patrol took over the investigation. Family members say investigators have kept them in the dark about the events that led up to the crash. They've heard officers started looking for the teens after a report of a possible break in at this garage. But the family claims that never happened. There was no break in. One of the teen's parents happens to own it.

For sneaking out, that's the only thing they did wrong. They snuck out to go pick up a couple of girls. They weren't doing anything else. They weren't breaking the law by robbing someone or beating people up,” said the driver’s mother,” Terri Todd.
Highway Patrol investigators started recreating the crash scene Monday afternoon. A spokeswoman says no new information about the wreck will be released Monday.

Funeral services have been set for Paxton Farris. Visitation will be Tuesday from 4:00 in the afternoon, until 8:00 p.m. at the Oakes and Nichols Funeral Home in Columbia. Funeral services will be Wednesday morning at 11:00.

I'd like to know you guys opinions on this issue.

I will give mine first, I feel the officers did as they should do. They were given information about a break in (who cares if it belongs to one of the family members, the officers did not know this at the time). They located the said vehicle and had stopped it, the vehicle then sped away and the officers chased (like most any of us would do). Vehicle crashed and then we know the rest of the story. As far as the driver wandering off into the woods, I'm not too sure about that. I just seems kinda funny that the other 4 teens were there and were getting medical attention and the driver actually wandered off, but couldn't find his way back to the flashing lights and sirens? I'm a little unsure about that whole deal.

But the families are wanting to try and file suit against the officers and pd b/c of the pursuit. From what the news has said and the papers are stating, the officers did nothing wrong.. Why did the driver sped away to start the pursuit??