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    Red face Burglars Steal 220-Pound Gold Bar

    By Associated Press
    Mon Mar 19, 4:07 PM

    TOKYO - A group of burglars stole a massive block of gold worth over $2 million from a Japanese museum in a heist that police said could have been prevented _ if only the curators hadn't left the showcases wide open.

    The Ohashi Collection Kan museum in Takayama, in central Japan, kept the 220-pound gold bullion unguarded by sensors or even by a case because it wanted visitors to be able to touch it, local police officer Shinji Kurake said Monday.

    On Sunday, three masked men made off with the gold block in broad daylight, Kurake said. A female employee who was alerted by the sound of their footsteps tried to intervene, but was roughly pushed aside.

    "We were very shocked ... but of course this was a big block of gold, and there was no security," Kurake said. "I suppose they could have been a little more careful."

    Police were still searching for the group, who were thought to be driven away by a fourth accomplice. The Ohashi museum purchased the gold bar in 1994 for 200 million yen, according to its Web site. In today's gold prices, the block would be worth about $2.1 million.

    The museum was closed for an "emergency holiday" on Monday and could not be reached.

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    "Emergency Holiday" I'll have to remember that one.

    Found a pic

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