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    Police fatally shoot man on Far North Side

    March 22, 2007

    Chicago Police fatally shot a man who allegedly pulled out a handgun during a struggle with officers Wednesday evening outside a grocery store in the West Rogers Park neighborhood.

    Benjamin Brown, 29, of an unknown home address, was pronounced dead on the scene ain the 6300 block of North Francisco Avenue at 7:20 p.m., according to a Cook County Medical Examiner's office spokesman.

    The shooting occurred about 5:30 p.m. in the 2900 block of West Devon Avenue, according to police News Affairs Officer Tom Polick.

    Two Rogers Park District officers were driving in a marked squad car when they saw Brown standing against a wall of a grocery store on the southwest corner of Devon and Francisco avenues, according to police News Affairs Deputy Director Pat Camden. Brown, who was on a cell phone, saw the officers and pulled down his shirt over his waistband, Camden said.

    The officers believed Brown appeared suspicious so they pulled over the car, exited and approached him, but Brown went inside the grocery store, Camden said. The uniformed officers followed and attempted to question him, but “he keeps trying to passively resist,” Camden said.

    One of the officers grabbed the Brown’s arm and brought him outside the grocery store. Brown struggled with the officer, tearing the sleeve off of the officer’s uniform, according to Camden. Brown broke free and attempted to flee, but the other officer grabbed him in a “bear hug,” Camden said.

    Brown then pulled a 45-caliber Glock from his waistband and the other officer yelled that the suspect was armed, Camden said. The officer who had Brown in a bear hug let go.

    Brown then raised the gun up toward the eye-level of the officers and, “in fear for their lives,” the officers fired at him, striking him multiple times, Camden said.

    Camden said the Brown’s handgun was recovered at the scene.

    Police and the Office of Professional Standards are investigating the shooting, Camden said.

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    Well...you carry a gun and you try to use it...reminds me of the old saying..

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